Sam Coleman

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Sam Coleman has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers in Summerlin, Green Valley, Henderson, and the Greater Las Vegas area. As a man of faith, Sam believes that God has blessed him with the opportunity to serve Las Vegas through real estate. Sam is the tallest real estate agent Las Vegas has to offer at 6’10, and Sam believes that God gave him his height for more than basketball. As a retired professional basketball player, he also understands the demands of an athletes life and strives to create a seamless experience for those in similar careers. Sam Coleman is the proud father of three children, allowing him to help you negotiate family life while buying or selling your home. 
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Emotion is what typically drives the desire to buy a home, but logic should drive who you choose to be your Realtor. This is why clients choose Tiana — it just makes sense. Tiana’s business is fueled by enthusiasm and expertise, which are the intangible qualities that translate into tangible benefits for her clients. It takes more than an intimate knowledge of the market to help clients realize their home-dwelling dreams; it also requires strategic planning and skilled negotiation tactics. Her special blend of integrity, tenacity, and attention to detail is what makes her stand out from the Realtor crowd.

Just as the real estate industry continues to evolve, so does Tiana Brown. Her five years of experience and diverse set of skills keeps her sharp and ensures the best home-buying experience possible. The transaction itself may be the same, but the clients are always unique. Her desire to help people and her adaptable approach promises dedicated attention throughout the application process, making the experience both efficient and enjoyable. 

Tiana’s pride in what she does is why she’s so memorable. ”It’s a great feeling when I meet a prospective buyer or seller at an open house. My new clients are excited to work with me, appreciative of the knowledge I shared when we first met.”. Communicative, honest, and determined to help you win — choosing to work with Tiana Brown is a no-brainer. 

Adam Rein

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Growing up in Syracuse, NY, Adam was drawn to the unlimited opportunities Las Vegas has to offer. Having a background in competitive swimming, Adam’s tenacity, drive and discipline to reach a goal is the driving force of his work ethic. 

Having experience with both home buyers and sellers, Adam’s knowledge of the Las Vegas real estate market is invaluable when buying or selling a home. Adan’s business was built on his passion for helping others achieve their goals. His main goal in life is not to sell a lot of real estate, but to solve his client’s problems and leave a lasting impact on the lives of others.

In his free time, Adam likes to lift weights, swim, and travel to visit his family in Syracuse, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, and Merritt Island, FL. He is passionate about living a happy and healthy lifestyle and surrounding himself with great people

Roger Pyne

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Representing Las Vegas homeowners and future homeowners, Roger has a passion for service in the Las Vegas area and is ready to help you with your home buying and selling needs. As a proud member of the Hoops to Homes Co., Roger carries the values of hard work, outstanding client service, and reliability into everything he does.

When Roger is not making homeownership dreams come true for his clients, he enjoys spending time on his road bike riding through the Las Vegas valley and going on road trips with his loved ones to California beaches, the beautiful Utah and Colorado mountains for snowboarding, and creating memories with friends and family. Roger lives in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas and is looking forward to making your homeownership dreams come true!

Marissa Mckay

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